This book, first published in 1981, is a crucial overview of the current and future issues in the training of science and engineering librarians as well as instruction for users of these libraries.

chapter |2 pages

Introduction: Training of Sci-Tech Librarians and Library Users

ByJames M. Matarazzo

chapter |6 pages

Online User Training: A “Team” Approach

ByKatherine M. Markee

chapter |14 pages

Training of Users of Online Services: A Survey of the Literature

ByGlenn R. Lowry

chapter |14 pages

Trends In Industrial Information Resource Centers

ByRalph J. Coffman, M. Hope Coffman

chapter |12 pages

English Language Trends In German Basic Science Journals: A Potential Collection Tool

ByTony Stankus, Rashelle Schlessinger, Bernard S. Schlessinger

chapter |2 pages

New Reference Works In Science & Technology

Edited ByJanice Bain

chapter |4 pages

Sci-Tech Online

Edited ByEllen Nagle