This book brings together some of the world's leading experts to present an interdisciplinary, critical perspective on current issues surrounding the economics of the firms. It eschews standard approaches to the economics of the firm (including analysis of transaction costs) in favour of a more interdisciplinary outlook, with evolutionary economics taken into account. Central to this is the concept of trust and the belief that any approach to the firm must recognize cultural and political factors. The chapters emphasize the themes of change and evolution and explore issues arising from the history and organization of firms.

An important book, with contributions from Bart Nooteboom, Stavros Ioannides and Werner Holzl, this is an invaluable resource for postgraduate students of economics.

chapter 1|16 pages

Introduction: The firm in an interdisciplinary context


part |2 pages

PART I The economics of the firm: analysis and background

chapter 2|24 pages

The nature of the firm revisited


chapter 3|22 pages

Trust, learning and the firm


chapter 4|23 pages

Accounting and the economic analysis of the firm as an entity


part |2 pages

PART III The economics of the firm: history and organization