To what extent do curriculum subjects, particularly highly abstract ones such as Mathematics, have their own unique special needs?

This book celebrates the work done by subject specialists in mainstream classrooms to promote inclusive practice. It describes new and creative ways of developing mathematical thinking among pupils. Each chapter demonstrates reflective minds at work, close observation of learners, willingness to understand the students’ thinking process and patient commitment to students over long periods of time.

Features of the book include:

  • how low-attaining students can think mathematically
  • numeracy recovery
  • task refusal in primary mathematics
  • progression in written calculation strategies for division
  • using graphic calculators with low-attaining pupils
  • generalising arithmetic: an alternative to algebra
  • learning support assistants in mathematics lessons
  • inclusion and entitlement, equality of opportunity and quality of curriculum provision.

Is there a substitute for experience in learning?  Low attaining students can think mathematically.  Numeracy recovery: a pilot scheme for early intervention with young children with numeracy difficulties.  What do children see? A study of children's representations of numbers and operations.  Difficulties in extending counting.  John's access to Pythagoras' theorem: inclusion and entitlement in action.  Count me out: task refusal in primary mathematics.  Working through complexity: an experience of developing mathematical thinking through the use of Logo with low attaining pupils.  A study of progression in written calculation strategies for division.  Using graphics calculators with low attaining pupils.  Generalising arithmetic: an alternative to algebra (or things to do with a plastic bag).  Watching, llistening and acting: a case study of learning support assistants in primary mathematics lessons.  Responsive questioning in a mixed-ability group.  Inclusion and entitlement: equality of opportunity and quality of curriculum provision