This is an invaluable work looking into new areas relating to India's princely states. Based on an abundance of rarely used archival material, the book sheds new light on diversities related to the princely states such as health policies and practices, gender issues, the states’ military contribution or the mechanisms for controlling or integrating the states.

Contributions are from international, reputable scholars, and they present historiographic, analytical and methodological approaches, placing attention to concepts, theories and sources. Inter-disciplinary in nature, this book will appeal to scholars and researchers of South Asia, studies of transnational histories, cultural and racial studies, international politics and economic history and the social history of health and medicine.

1. People, Princes and Colonialism Waltraud Ernst and Biswamoy Pati  2. Colonial and Postcolonial Historiography and the Princely States: Relations of Power and Rituals of Legitimation Hira Singh  3. ‘Cruel, Oriental Despots’: Representations in Nineteenth-Century British Colonial Fiction, 1858-1900 Indrani Sen  4. Narcotrafficking, Princely Ingenuity and the Raj: The Subjugation of the Sindia State, c. 1843-44 Amar Farooqui  5. The Agrarian System of the Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir: A Study of Colonial Settlement Policies, 1860-1905 Shakti Kak  6. The Order of Legitimacy: Princely Orissa, 1850-1920 Biswamoy Pati  7. Loyal Feudatories or Depraved Despots? The Deposition of Princes in the Central India Agency, c. 1880-1947 Fiona Groenhout  8. ‘Hostages in our Camp’: Military Collaboration between Princely India and the British Raj, c. 1880-1920 Samiksha Sehrawat  9. Historicising Debates over Women’s Status in Islam: The Case of Nawab Sultan Jahan Begam of Bhopal Siobhan Lambert-Hurley  10. The Maharana and the Bhils: The Eki Movement in Mewar, 1921-22 Hari Sen  11. Women’s Hospitals and Midwives in Mysore, 1870-1920: Princely or Colonial Medicine Barbara Ramusack  12. Public Health Administration in Princely Mysore: Tackling the Influenza Pandemic of 1918 T.V. Sekher  13. Border Incidents, Internal Disorder and the Nizam’s Claim for an Independent Hyderabad Manjiri Kamat