'… A well-organized volume with a strong emphasis on pedagogy.'Trudy Smoke, Hunter College/City University of New York, USA

'Generation 1.5 is the most interesting topic of concern in ESL today, yet publications are few and far between.... The editors clearly know what they’re doing…. They know the field, know the subject matter, and understand the problems…. This volume contributes to the thinking in the field.'Linda Lonon Blanton, University of New Orleans, USA

Building on the work that has been done over the past decade, this volume provides theoretical frameworks for understanding debates about immigrant students, studies of students’ schooling paths and language and literacy experiences, and pedagogical approaches for working with Generation 1.5 students.

Generation 1.5 in College Composition:

  • is designed to help both scholars and practitioners reconceptualize the fields of College Composition and TESOL and create a space for research, theory, and pedagogy focusing on postsecondary immigrant ESL students
  • provides both important new theoretical work (which lays the underpinnings for serious pedagogical innovation) and important new pedagogical approaches.

Because of their varied and complex language and literacy profiles, Generation 1.5 students are found in developmental English courses, college ESL courses, and mainstream college writing courses. This volume is directed to preservice and inservice teachers, teacher educators, and researchers involved with educating Generation 1.5 students in these and other contexts.

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Part III Curricular and Pedagogical Approaches