This unique volume offers an original collection of essays on the theme of America’s ‘special relationships’. It interrogates in an original and provocative manner the distinctive character of America’s interactions with an array of allies and clients, both international and domestic.

The essays vary in their focus; some are primarily historical, some are more contemporary. All consider the quality of ‘specialness’ in the context of America’s relationship with particular countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Russia, Iran and Israel. The collection also concerns the relationship between the American state and key ‘special’ foreign policy interests, notably ethnic lobbies and religious groups.

Bringing together a wide range of experts, this timely collection provides a valuable addition to the debates surrounding US foreign policy, and will be of great interest to students and scholars of American politics, American history and international relations.


Introduction: The Politics of Special Relationships John Dumbrell and Axel R. Schäfer  1. Model Nations: US Allies and Partners in the Modernizing Imagination Nick Cullather  2. Old World, New World: Great Britain and America From the Beginning Kathleen Burk  3. Hating Bush, Supporting Washington: George W. Bush, Anti-Americanism and the US-UK Special Relationship John Dumbrell  4. The US-Canada Relationship: How 'Special' Is America's Oldest Unbroken Alliance? David G. Haglund  5. Australia, the US and the Unassailable Alliance Mark Beeson  6. Yearning and Spurning: New Zealand's Special Relationships with Britain and the United States Dolores E. Janiewski  7. Testing the Limits of a Special Relationship: US Unilateralism and Dutch Multilateralism in the Twenty-first Century Giles Scott-Smith  8. An Aborted Special Relationship: US-Russian Relations in the Post-Cold War World, 1989-2007 Alex Marshall and J. Simon Rofe  9. The Ecstasy and the Agony: The Rise and Fall of US-Iranian Relations Donette Murray  10. America's Israel/ Israel's America Ian J. Bickerton  11. US-Israel Relations: A Special Friendship Lee Marsden  12. The Death of a Peculiar Special Relationship: Myron Taylor and the Religious Roots of America's Cold War Andrew Preston  13. 'What Marx, Lenin, and Stalin needed was…to be born again': Evangelicals and the 'Special Relationship' between Church and State in US Cold War Foreign Policy Axel R. Schäfer