Ian Steedman is recognised internationally as one of the leading economic theorists of his time and has made major contributions to the development of economic theory and economic thought, as substantiated by his work on Marx, Sraffa, Marshall, Jevons and Wicksteed. His contributions to economic theory include his work on time, international trade, capital theory and growth and distribution. This collection reflects the wide ranging interests of Ian Steedman and is a tribute to his outstanding contributions.

This edited collection brings together twenty two new essays by distinguished economists from around the world. The papers cover a wide range of topics including; international trade – an area in which Steedman has made significant contributions; Sraffa, the history of economic thought and theoretical papers – including Faustian Agents and market failure in waste production.

The essays in this book will be an invaluable source for economists interested in economic theory or in the evolution of economic thought. It will also be of interest to postgraduate and research students in economic theory and the history of economic thought.

John Vint is Professor of Economics at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. J. Stanley Metcalfe is Professor of Economics at the University of Manchester, UK. Heinz D. Kurz is Professor of Economics at the University of Graz, Austria. Neri Salvadori is Professor of Economics at the University of Pisa, Italy. Paul Samuelson is Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

Foreword (Paul A Samuelson)  Introduction (Heinz Kurz, Stan Metcalf, Neri Salvadori, and John Vint)  1. Consumption and Time (Amitava Krishna Dutt)  2. Exploitation Takes Time (Hillel Steiner) 3. The notion of national competitiveness in a global economy (Sergio Parrinello) 4. Growth, Profits and the Gains from Trade in a Ricardo-Sraffa Model: Samuelsons versus Steedman (Harvey Gram)  5. Complete specialization in classical economics (Takashi Negishi)  6. Normative Trade Theory under Grossenian Assumption (Murray C. Kemp)  7. Wage frontiers of extreme curvature (Bertram Schefold)  8. "Perverse Cases" and the Debate on Neo-Classical Theory of Distribution: Recent Contributions on an Open Issue (Paola Potestio)  9. Stochastic Input/Output a la Leontief-Sraffa (Paul C. Samuelson)  10. Some notes on the notion of production prices (Alessandro Roncaglia)  11. Piero Sraffa in his family: 1896-1916 (Nerio Naldi)  12. Albert Schäffle’s Critique of Socialism (Geoffrey M Hodgson)  13. Henry Sidgwick and Economic Socialism  (Donald Winch)  14. Does economic growth ultimately lead to a "nobler life"? A Comparative analysis of the predictions of Mill, Marshall and Keynes (Arrigo Opocher)  15. Collective Dynamics of Faustian Agents (Ulrich Krause)  16. Market Failure in a Transaction of Waste – A for Necessity of an Upstream Policy in Waste Management (Eiji Hosoda)  17. The Never Ending Debate of Increasing Returns (Marcella Corsi)  18. Alfred Marshall’s Evolutionary Dynamics (Stan Metcalf)  19. On economic policy under uncertainty (Victoria Chick)  20. The analysis of arrangement and déarrangements in the Tableau économique (Christian Gehrke)  21. Extension of Cultivation (Christian Bidard)