Accompanying The Routledge Doctoral Student’s Companion this book examines what it means to be a doctoral student in education and the social sciences, providing a guide for those supervising students. Exploring the key role and pedagogical challenges that face supervisors in students’ personal development, the contributors outline the research capabilities which are essential for confidence, quality and success in doctorate level research. Providing guidance about helpful resources and methodological support, the chapters:

  • frame important questions within the history of debates
  • act as a road map through international literatures
  • make suggestions for good practice
  • raise important questions and provide answers to key pedagogical issues
  • provide advice on enabling students’ scholarly careers and identities.

While there is no one solution to ideal supervision, this wide-ranging text offers resources that will help supervisors develop their own personal approach to supervision. Ideal for all supervisors whether assisting part-time of full-time students, it is also highly suitable for helping academics to support international students who confront Western doctoral traditions and academic cultures, helping both supervisor and student to understand why things are as they are.

part |8 pages

Part 1 Introduction: Why The Doctoral Companions?

part |2 pages

Part 2 Supervision as pedagogy/ies

chapter 2|9 pages

Doctoral education as ‘capability’ formation

ByM. Walker

chapter 4|15 pages

From poster to PhD The evolution of a literature review

ByK. Dixon, H. Janks

chapter 7|18 pages

Negotiating the layered relations of supervision

ByB. M. Grant

part |2 pages

Part 3 Challenges in supervision pedagogy/ies: Challenges arising from changing student populations

chapter 9|8 pages

Supervising part-time doctoral students Issues and challenges

ByJ. H. Watts

chapter 10|7 pages

Supervising part-time doctoral students

ByT. Evans

chapter 14|14 pages

The doctorate in the life course

ByD. Leonard

chapter 15|12 pages

Rhythms of place Time and space in the doctoral experience

ByS. Middleton

chapter 17|13 pages

Coming to terms with research practice Riding the emotional rollercoaster of doctoral research studies

ByA. Morrison-Saunders, S. A. Moore, M. Hughes, D. Newsome

chapter 21|10 pages

Writing in, writing out Doctoral writing as peer work

ByC. Aitchison, A. Lee

chapter 24|9 pages

Educating the doctoral student Don’t forget the teaching

ByT. Harland