There are not many books that address the boundaries of care of older people from a work-life perspective. This book, authored by contributors from various countries, looks at the boundaries of care by looking at private and public help, professional and personal help and paid and unpaid caregivers. It captures and conceptualizes the complexity of the intersection of work and home life as it relates to the provision of assistance and support to older relatives in a variety of "care work" contexts. It explores these issues within a critical framework, rather than from an assumed stress or burden perspective, which dominates current texts on the topic. Readers of this volume will gain a deeper understanding of issues of care provision amongst "networks" of careers and helpers, and of the particular dynamics of care when it is episodic or framed by constrains of space and time as a result of geography. In addition, each chapter addresses issues of diversity with sensitivity to gender, race and ethnicity.

This book will be of use to academics and graduate students in Gerontology, Family Studies, IO psychology, Gender Studies and Sociology.

M. Creedon, Foreword. A. Martin-Matthews, J. Phillips, Introduction. C. Ward-Griffin, Health Professionals Caring for Aging Relatives: Negotiating the Public-Private Boundary. A. Mahmood, A. Martin-Matthews, Dynamics of Carework: Boundary Management and Relationship Issues for Home Support Workers and Elderly Clients. K. Mehta, L. Thang, Visible and Blurred Boundaries in Familial Care: The Dynamics of Multigenerational Care in Singapore. J. Sims-Gould, A. Martin-Matthews, C. Rosenthal, Family Caregiving, Helping and the Intersection of Gender and Kinship: Social Dynamics in the Provision of Care to Older Adults in Canada. M. Neal, D. Wagner, J.B. Bonn, K. Yokum, Caring from a Distance: Contemporary Care Issues. J. Phillips, M. Bernard, Work and Care: Blurring the Boundaries of Space, Place, Time and Distance. S. Keeling, J. Davey, Working Careers in New Zealand: Zones of Care and Contested Boundaries. J. Mears, E. Watson, Boundaries Blurred and Rigid at the Frontline of Care: Care Workers and the Negotiation of Relationships with Older People. N. Keating, D. Dosman, J. Swindle, J. Fast, Sharing the Work: Care Networks of Frail Seniors in Canada. J. Keefe, C. Glendenning, P. Fancey, Financial Payments for Family Careers: Policy Approaches and Debates. M. Evandrou, K. Glaser, Economic and Social Roles in Mid-life in Britain: Expanding Intersections and Blurring Boundaries. J. Twigg, Clashing Temporalities: Time, Home and the Bodywork of Care. J. Phillips, A. Martin-Matthews, Aging and Caring at the Intersection of Work and Home Life: Blurring the Boundaries.