This book is the fifth volume of essays edited by A. J. H Latham and Heita Kawakatsu from the International Economic History Congresses looking at the development of the Asian Economy. Bringing together leading scholars from both the east and west, this book offers fascinating insights into the cotton trade, the rice, wheat and shipping industries and the development of trade and finance in East Asia.

Introduction, A. J. H Latham and Heita Kawakatsu, Part I, 1. International competition in cotton goods in the late nineteenth century: Britain versus India and East Asia, Heita Kawakatsu, 2. The international trade in rice and wheat since 1868: a study in market integration, A. J. H Latham, Part II, 3. China: a microcosm of the world market for cotton manufactures, 1868-1935, D. A Farnie and Heita Kawakatsu, 4. "Rice moves to areas where incomes are rising": a re-interpretation of Asian economic development since 1800, A. J. H Latham, 5. Changes in landlord economy in the early Quing period of China,1644-1840, Shi Zhihong, 6. Evolution of the economic system in China, 1796-1978, Mi Ru-Cheng, 7. Financial structure of the East Asian economic system with special reference to Hong Kong and Singapore, Takeshi Hamashita, 8. Foreign trade and economic growth in late colonial Indonesia, 1900-1940, J. Thomas Lindblad, 9. On the margins of Asia: the Philippines since 1500, Norman G. Owen, 10. Quasi-vertical integration, monopoly, and Japanese competition in Singapore's pre-World War II export and shipping trades, W. G Huff, 11. Assessing economic growth and standards of living in Asia, 1870-1990, Pierre Van Der Eng.