Classical Literature: An Introduction provides a series of essays on all the major authors of Greek and Latin literature, as well as on a number of writers less often read. An introductory chapter provides information on important general topics, such as poetic metres, patronage and symposia.

The literature is put in historical context, and the material is organized chronologically, but also by genre or author, as appropriate; each section or chapter has suggestions for further reading. The book ranges from Homer to the writers of the later Roman Empire, and includes a glossary, a chronology of literary and political events, and useful maps showing the origins of ancient writers. The collection will be essential for students and others who want a structured and informative introduction to the literature of the classical world.

chapter 1|24 pages

Introductions neil croally and roy hyde

chapter 2|32 pages

Homer judith affleck

chapter 3|32 pages

: From Homer to tragedy

chapter 4|45 pages

: The drama of classical Athens

chapter 6|25 pages

: Rhetorical and philosophical writing

chapter 7|10 pages

: Alexandria and beyond

chapter 8|12 pages

: The early republic

chapter 9|40 pages

: The late republic

chapter 10|48 pages

: The Augustan age

chapter 11|37 pages

: The early empire