For the first time in the history of social psychology, we have a handbook on the history of social psychology. In it, leading luminaries in the field present their take on how research in their own domains has unfolded, on the scientists whose impact shaped the research agendas in the different areas of social psychology, and on events, institutions and publications that were pivotal in determining the field’s history.

Social psychology’s numerous subfields now boast a rich historical heritage of their own, which demands special attention. The Handbook recounts the intriguing and often surprising lessons that the tale of social psychology’s remarkable ascendance has to offer. The historical diversity is the hallmark of the present handbook reflecting each of this field’s domains unique evolution.

Collectively, the contributions put a conceptual mirror to our field and weave the intricate tapestry of people, dynamics and events whose workings combined to produce what the vibrant discipline of social psychology is today. They allow the contemporary student, scholar and instructor to explore the historical development of this important field, provide insight into its enduring aims and allow them to transcend the vicissitudes of the zeitgeist and fads of the moment.

The Handbook of the History of Social Psychology provides an essential resource for any social psychologist’s collection.

Preface.  Part 1: Introduction.  A.W. Kruglanski, W. Stroebe, The Making of Social Psychology.  J. Morawski, The Importance of History to Social Psychology.  Part 2: ApproachesD. Hilton, The Emergence of Cognitive Social Psychology: A Historical Analysis.  M.S. North, S.T. Fiske, A History of Social Cognition.  D.T. Kenrick, A.B. Cohen, A History of Evolutionary Social Psychology.  J.T. Cacioppo, G.G. Berntson, J. Decety, A History of Social Neuroscience.  K.J. Gergen, The Social Dimension of Social Psychology: A Historical Analysis.  W.D. Crano, A. Lac, The Evolution of Research Methodologies in Social Psychology: A Historical Analysis.  Part 3: Domains of InquiryA.S.R. Manstead, A History of Affect and Emotion Research in Social Psychology.  E.T. Higgins, Motivation Science in Social Psychology: A Tale of Two Histories.  J.R. Eiser, A History of Social Judgment Research.  C.D. Batson, A History of Prosocial Behavior Research.  L. Berkowitz, A History of Social Psychological Research on Aggression.  P. Briñol, R.E. Petty, A History of Attitudes and Persuasion Research.  R. Prislin, W.D. Crano, A History of Social Influence Research.  P.A.M. Van Lange, A History of Interdependence: Theory and Research.  H.T. Reis, A History of Relationship Research in Social Psychology.  J.M. Levine, R.L. Moreland, A History of Small Group Research.  J.F. Dovidio, A.-K. Newheiser, J.-P. Leyens, A History of Intergroup Relations Research.  D.G. Pruitt, A History of Social Conflict and Negotiation Research.  T.R. Tyler, A History of Justice and Morality Research.  M. Biernat, K. Deaux, A History of Social Psychological Research on Gender.  Y. Kashima, M.J. Gelfand, A History of Culture in Psychology.