Humanity is confronted with the gravest financial crisis and economic recession since the Great Depression. Political leaders, national ministries of finance, and central banks around the world are trying to prop up their countries' sinking economies and arrest a downward economic spiral by innovative financial rescue and bank bailout plans, as well as economic stimulus and recovery packages. These measures are being taken to reestablish trust in the economy and to trigger an economic revival. Despite these efforts, stagnation seems imminent, as uncertainty leads businesses and consumers to place spending and investing decisions on hold.Social entrepreneurs are essential to the restoration of a sustainable planet and the improvement of lives of billions of people, especially of those living in extreme poverty. Therefore, social entrepreneurs deserve further recognition and support by the international community - by governments, multinational companies, and philanthropic organizations. Creating a New Civilization through Social Entrepreneurship highlights the global movement of social entrepreneurship and some of the leading organizations and individuals that are advancing this citizen sector movement. The volume presents examples of innovative people that are tackling major social problems and triggering systemic change throughout the world today.

part 1|50 pages

The Future of Entrepreneurship from a Global and Holistic Perspective

chapter 1|14 pages

What Will Happen in Capitalist Societies in the Future?

– A Dialogue on the Future of Modern Civilization –
ByHiroshi Tasaka

chapter 2|5 pages

Entrepreneurship for a Better World

ByPeter Spiegel

chapter 3|19 pages

Entrepreneurs Creating the Economic Paradigm for the Future

ByPaola Babos, Monica Sharma

part 2|63 pages

Social Entrepreneurship: Rise of an Innovative Citizen Sector

chapter 6|12 pages

Social Entrepreneurship – Altering the Face of Business

ByMirjam Schoening, Parag Gupta

chapter 7|12 pages

Entrepreneurial Solutions to Insoluble Problems

ByJohn Elkington, Pamela Hartigan

chapter 8|6 pages

Be Bold – A Movement Begins with an Idea*

ByLara Galinsky

chapter 9|11 pages

Young Volunteers as Social Entrepreneurs

ByCatherine Cecil

part 3|41 pages

Valuable Tools for (Social) Entrepreneurs

chapter 11|6 pages

Social Entrepreneurship: The Balance of Business and Service

ByPamela Hawley

chapter 12|8 pages

Giving Donors What They Need

ByAndreas Rickert

chapter 14|13 pages

Teekampagne — “Citizen Entrepreneurship” for a Meaningful Life

ByGuenter Faltin