Over the last decade research into design processes utilizing ideas and models drawn from artificial intelligence has resulted in a better understanding of design -- particularly routine design -- as a process. Indeed, most of the current research activity directly or indirectly deals only with routine design. Not surprisingly, many practicing designers state that the level of understanding represented by these models is only of mild interest because they fail to embody any ideas about creativity.

This volume provides a set of chapters in the areas of modeling creativity and knowledge-based creative design that examines the potential role and form of computer-aided design which supports creativity. It aims to define the state-of-the-art of computational creativity in design as well as to identify research directions. Published at a time when the field of computational creativity in design is still immature, it should influence the directions of growth and assist the field in reaching maturity.

Contents: J.S. Gero, M.L. Maher, Introduction. Part I:Creativity. T. Heath, Social Aspects of Creativity and Their Impact on Creativity Modeling. W.J. Mitchell, A Computational View of Design Creativity. S. McLaughlin, Emergent Value in Creative Products: Some Implications for Creative Processes. T. Takala, A Neuropsychologically-Based Approach to Creativity. Part II:Knowledge-Based Models of Creative Design. M.A. Rosenman, J.S. Gero, Creativity in Design Using a Design Prototype Approach. B. Logan, T. Smithers, Creativity and Design as Exploration. R.D. Coyne, S. Newton, F. Sudweeks, A Connectionist View of Creative Design Reasoning. R.F. Woodbury, A Genetic Approach to Creative Design. Part III:Knowledge-Based Creative Design. G. Fischer, Creativity Enhancing Design Environments. E. Edmonds, Knowledge-Based Systems for Creativity. J. Cagan, A.M. Agogino, Inducing Optimally Directed Non-Routine Designs. R.F. Coyne, E. Subrahmanian, Computer Supported Creative Design: A Pragmatic Approach. M.L. Maher, F. Zhao, Dynamic Associations for Creative Engineering Design.