This book, based on the Flowerree Mardi Gras Symposium at Tulane University, juxtaposes contemporary research and theory from several areas of animal learning -- learning theory, comparative cognition, animal models of human behavior, and functional neurology. Investigators pursuing these different routes often work in isolation of progress being made in, what should be, related fields. This book will acquaint students and researchers with a variety of topics, ordinarily treated separately, in a way that will stimulate integrative thinking. Cognitive interpretations of animal learning are included, as well as recent developments in conditioning theory, physiological bases of learning, animal models of human behavior problems, and psychopharmacology.

chapter 1|24 pages

. Memory Processes, ACTH, and Extinction Phenomena

ByRick Richardson, David C. Riccio

chapter 4|24 pages

Expression of Learning

chapter 5|22 pages

Memory Strategies in Pigeons

ByThomas R. Zentall, Peter J. Urcuioli, Pamela Jackson-Smith, Janice N. Steirn

chapter 6|24 pages

. The Acquisition of Concrete and Abstract Categories in Pigeons

ByJohn M. Pearce

chapter 8|20 pages

. Parallels Between the Behavioral Effects of Dimethoxy-beta-carboline (DMCM) and Conditioned Fear Stimuli

ByMichael S. Fanselow, Fred J. Helmstetter, and Daniel J.

chapter 9|38 pages

. Incentive Contrast and Selected Animal Models of Anxiety

ByCharles F. Flaherty

chapter 10|26 pages

0 . Consummatory Incentive Contrast: Experimental Design Relationships and Deprivation Effects

ByLawrence Dachowski, Mary M. Brazier

chapter 11|40 pages

1 . Multiple Memory Systems in the Mammalian Brain Involved in Classical Conditioning

ByTheodore W. Berger, Julia L. Bassett, William B. Orr

chapter 12|36 pages

2 . Contribution of the Amygdala and Anatomically-Related Structures to the Acquisition and Expression of Aversively Conditioned Responses

ByBruce S. Kapp, Carrie G. Markgraf, Amy Wilson, Jeffrey P. Pascoe, William F. Supple

chapter 13|34 pages

. Animal Models of Alzheimer's Disease: Role of Hippocampal Cholinergic Systems in Working Memory

ByThomas J. Walsh, James J. Chrobak

chapter 14|18 pages

4 . Brain, Emotion, and Cognition: An Overview

ByCharles F. Flaherty, Lawrence Dachowski