This 5th volume of the Appalachian Conference discusses how the brain processes information, the role of memory and value, and models of creativity. It pursues aspects of cognitive neuroscience and behavioral neurodynamics, such as the topic of values and quantum-distributed processing in the brain.



part |5 pages


chapter |3 pages

Ruminations on Sex and Death; Memory and Value

ByKarl H. Pribram

part |46 pages


chapter 1|12 pages

Mixing Memory and Desire: Want and Will in Neural Modeling

ByBruce J. MacLennan

chapter 2|12 pages

On Brain and Value: Utility, Preference, Play and Creativity

ByKarl H. Pribram

part |199 pages


chapter 4|31 pages

Stimulus Class Formation in Animals

ByThomas R. Zentall

chapter 5|69 pages

Virtual Associative Networks: A Framework for Cognitive Modeling

ByYan M. Yufik

chapter 6|27 pages

Self-Organization of Cortical Information Processing

ByThomas P. Vogl, Kim T. Blackwell, Daniel L. Alkon

chapter 7|30 pages

The Self-Organizing Map, a Possible Model of Brain Maps

ByTeuvo Kohonen

chapter 8|12 pages

Pragmatic Approach to Consciousness

ByHenry P. Stapp

part |129 pages


chapter 10|21 pages

Preserved Vocabulary and Reading Acquisition in an Amnesic Child

ByCharles A. Ahern, Frank B. Wood, Christine M. McBrien

chapter 11|24 pages

The role of Memory in Brain, Values, and Choice

ByBennet B. Murdock

chapter 14|21 pages

The Electricity of Touch: Detection and measurement of cardiac energy exchange between people

ByRollin McCraty, Mike Atkinson, Dana Tomasino, William A. Tiller

chapter 15|23 pages

Readiness For Action

ByLüder Deecke, Wilfried Lang

part |143 pages


chapter 16|20 pages

A Larmarckian Model of Creativity

ByRobert J. Sternberg

chapter 17|44 pages

Creativity: Reframed As A Biological Process

BySam Leven

chapter 18|34 pages

Values, Agency, and the Theory of Quantum Vacuum Interaction

ByRaymond Trevor Bradley

chapter 19|29 pages

On Cognitive Maps, Vicarious Trial-and-Error, and Impulsivity

ByAbram Amsel

chapter 20|13 pages

Role of the Hippocampus in Learning and Memory: A Computational Analysis

ByJ. L. McClelland

part |10 pages


chapter |8 pages


ByKarl H. Pribram