The Politics of Climate Change provides a critical analysis of the political, moral and legal response to climate change in the midst of significant socio-economic policy shifts. Evolving from original EC commissioned research, this book examines how climate change was put on the policy agenda, with the evolution of the United Nations Framework Convention and subsequent Conference of Parties.
The international team of contributors devote in-depth chapters to:
* climate change policies of different nations
* reductions of greenhouse gas emmissions
* legal aspects of external competence and moral obligatons
* the political significance of the European experience within the wider global perspectives of America and Asia.

chapter 5|49 pages

The European Community and Climate Change

The role of law and legal competence

chapter 7|42 pages

Climate Change Politics in Germany

How long will any double dividend last?

chapter 8|40 pages

Struggling for Credibility

The United Kingdom’s response

chapter 9|30 pages

Norwegian Climate Policy

Environmental idealism and economic realism

chapter 11|16 pages

External Perspectives on Climate Change

A view from the United States and the Third World