This book was first published in 1939.




part |2 pages

PART I. THE P A ST (since 1835)

chapter I|7 pages

A Revolution Missed

chapter II|9 pages

The City Corporation

chapter III|7 pages

The City Companies

chapter IV|8 pages

The Growth of Population

chapter V|4 pages

The Establishment of the Police Force

chapter VI|8 pages

The Metropolis Management Act, 1855

chapter VIII|9 pages

The City's Opposition to Reform

chapter IX|13 pages

The London County Council

chapter X|7 pages

The Metropolitan Borough Councils

chapter XI|21 pages

The Metropolitan Water Board

chapter XII|10 pages

The Drainage and Sewerage Services

chapter XIII|10 pages

X III. The Port of London and River Authorities

chapter XIV|17 pages

Highways, Traffic and Transport

chapter XV|3 pages

A Word about Omissions

part |2 pages


chapter I|2 pages

Conflict arid Confusion

chapter III|21 pages

Unplanned Development

chapter IV|11 pages

Highways and Bridges

chapter V|11 pages

Public Cleansing

chapter VI|7 pages

Housing and Slum Clearance

chapter VII|12 pages

Public Health

chapter VIII|7 pages

Main Drainage

chapter IX|5 pages

Electricity Supply

chapter X|5 pages

Wholesale Food Markets

chapter XI|22 pages


chapter XII|9 pages

Fire Protection

chapter XIII|15 pages


chapter XIV|21 pages

The Ullswater Commission on London Government

part |2 pages


chapter I|5 pages

The Great Leviathan

chapter II|5 pages

What is London?

chapter III|6 pages

A Regional Authority

chapter IV|12 pages

The ad hoc Body

chapter V|7 pages

The Question of Democracy

chapter VI|7 pages

The Reform of the Counties

chapter VII|29 pages

Local Authorities in the Region

chapter VIII|15 pages

A New Relationship

chapter IX|20 pages

The Essentials of Planning

chapter X|6 pages

The Bressey Report

chapter XI|4 pages

Satellite Towns

chapter XII|10 pages

Becontree and Dagenham: An Object-Lesson

chapter XIII|17 pages

The Barlow Commission on Population

chapter XIV|18 pages

The Prospects of Reform