Psychoanalytic Case Studies from an Interpersonal-Relational Perspective contains reports of long-term treatments, including many dialogues and dreams, with commentaries following each one. Drawing from theories that have been developed since Freud, the analysts focus on problems in living as opposed to diagnoses and repressed sexual and aggressive urges. They also express their own feelings towards patients and even their own dreams.

The cases themselves include sexual abuse, a man whose father killed his mother, a change in sexual orientation, as well as those of depression, physical problems, and difficulties relating interpersonally, such as fear of rejection and rejecting help. Actual dialogues of sessions are featured, so that readers can see what takes place in psychoanalysis. The analysts here draw from theories of Sullivan, Fromm, Horney, and Fromm-Reichmann, Kohut, Winnicott, and more recently Levenson, Mitchell, Bromberg, Donnell Stern, and Aron, to name a few.

Most contemporary case reports come from short-term therapies and many rely on techniques of changing conscious cognitions and encouraging new behaviors. The treatments in this book, while often including such interventions, explore more in-depth processes that may be unconscious and related to transferential expectations from previous relationships, encouraging new experiences and not simply explanations.

Psychoanalytic Case Studies from an Interpersonal-Relational Perspective will be of great interest to interpersonal and relational psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists in clinical practice.

chapter |6 pages


chapter 1|21 pages

Mark the leper

chapter |7 pages

Commentary on Akeret’s case

Empathy, therapist need, and the muddy in-between

chapter 2|22 pages

A change in sexual orientation

A case of pseudo-relatedness

chapter |3 pages

Commentary on Samstag’s case

The presentation of “Art”

chapter |5 pages

Commentary on Quinones’ case

Going where we need to go

chapter |4 pages

Commentary on Quinones’ case

A view from a second interpersonal frame

chapter 4|30 pages

Defying destiny

Genetically doomed?

chapter |3 pages

Commentary on Macintosh’s case


chapter 6|10 pages

Surviving sexual abuse

A chameleon looks in the mirror

chapter |3 pages

Commentary on Feit’s case

chapter 7|15 pages

Failure to thrive

An eye for the I, and an ear for the here

chapter |8 pages

Commentary on Levy’s case

chapter 8|15 pages

Faced with death

Death in the countertransference

chapter |6 pages

Commentary on Hunyady’s case

The “see” between us – closeness and connection in psychoanalytic psychotherapy

chapter 9|18 pages

A lost, depressed woman

Love, Narcissus, and Echo revisited

chapter |4 pages

Commentary on Valentin’s case

A therapeutic dyad in search of a third

chapter 10|5 pages

Rejection by a boyfriend

From idealizing transference to “real” partner

chapter |4 pages

Commentary on Kaufmann’s case

Transforming the reparative quest in the transference

chapter 11|8 pages

Tolerating his vulnerability

First at age 10, then at 50

chapter |7 pages

Commentary on Hartman’s case

The multiple meanings of parental failure to provide empathic guidance