This book, first published in 1973, analyses and sets in context one of the major issues in the growth of the European economy. Workers’ participation played an increasingly vital role in industrial relations. This book looks at the background and development of different types of participation in Britain, ranging from workers’ attempts at co-operative production, through the schemes in the nationalised industries of mining and steel, to the Fairfields Experiment and the Upper Clyde ‘work-in’ in shipbuilding. This book concludes with an account of the developments in worker councils and worker directors in nine other European countries.

chapter |20 pages


Edited ByCampbell Balfour

chapter |35 pages

Workers’ Co-operatives: A Vital Experiment

ByFred Boggis

chapter |27 pages

The Coal Industry

ByPeter Anthony

chapter |25 pages

Employee Directors in the British Steel Corporation

ByT. Ken Jones

chapter |30 pages


ByK. J. W. Alexander

chapter |43 pages

Workers’ Participation in Private Enterprise Organisations

ByGeorge F. Thomason

chapter |32 pages

Workers’ Participation in Western Europe

ByCampbell Balfour