Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is an emerging and increasingly popular group of treatments, therapies and philosophies of health and wellbeing. It is a fascinating and fast-changing area of social life, which also poses an interesting challenge to current healthcare delivery and policy making.

This reader presents a lively and engaging collection of classic, controversial and new readings on CAM and covers issues including:

  • changes in the way CAM is developing and being delivered
  • holism and what this concept means to CAM practice
  • changes in consumption and the health consumer that have lead to increased interest in CAM
  • the safety and effectiveness of CAM treatments
  • how integration is being achieved in contemporary society.

The text provides insight into many of the current and complex issues surrounding CAM, and will appeal to everyone who is concerned with, or who has an interest in, complementary and alternative healthcare. The book will be essential reading for students of CAM, health studies, nursing, medicine and allied health subjects, as well as medical sociology and modern health policy.

section Section 1|85 pages

CAM in Context

chapter |2 pages


chapter Chapter 4|4 pages

Too Much Medicine? Almost Certainly

section Section 2|55 pages

Users, Practitioners and Health Beliefs: The Healing Relationship in CAM

section Section 3|67 pages

CAM in Different Settings

chapter |2 pages


chapter Chapter 19|8 pages

Healing in the Spiritual Marketplace

chapter Chapter 22|8 pages

Homoeopathy, Hospitals and High Society

section Section 4|66 pages

Regulation, Professionalisation and Education: Change and Diversity

chapter |3 pages


chapter Chapter 23|7 pages


chapter Chapter 27|4 pages

The Implications of the Osteopaths Act

section Section 5|50 pages

Evidence and Efficacy

section Section 6|72 pages

CAM in Practice: Diversity, Integrations and Development

chapter |2 pages


chapter Chapter 38|12 pages

Complementary Therapies in Dementia Care

chapter Chapter 41|8 pages

Complementary Therapies in Maternity Care

chapter Chapter 43|6 pages

Journey Into Shiatsu