Interest in Financial Services Marketing has grown hugely over the last few decades, particularly since the financial crisis, which scarred the industry and its relationship with customers. It reflects the importance of the financial services industry to the economies of every nation and the realisation that the consumption and marketing of financial services differs from that of tangible goods and indeed many other intangible services.  

This book is therefore a timely and much needed comprehensive compendium that reflects the development and maturation of the research domain, and pulls together, in a single volume, the current state of thinking and debate. The events associated with the financial crisis have highlighted that there is a need for banks and other financial institutions to understand how to rebuild trust and confidence, improve relationships and derive value from the marketing process.

Edited by an international team of experts, this book will provide the latest thinking on how to manage such challenges and will be vital reading for students and lecturers in financial services marketing, policy makers and practitioners.

Introduction: Financial services marketing in a post-crisis era  Part 1: The Dynamic Financial Services Marketing Environment  1. Impact of Regulation on Competition in Commercial and Investment Banking  2. Challenger Banks' - Are they for real? The impact of new entrants on financial services competition  Part 2: The Financial Services Consumer and Financial Decision-Making  3. Social and Psychological Influences on Financial Literacy  4. Understanding How Consumers Make Financial Choices: A cross-disciplinary learning experience  5. Household Decisions on Financial Services: The role of the wife  6. What Drives the Purchase Decision in Pensions and Long-term Investment Products in the UK?  7. Financial and Non-financial Attributes of Pension Fund Structures: A customer perspective from the Netherlands  8. Mutual Fund Investors' Knowledge Calibration and Behavioral Biases  Part 3: Managing Financial Services Relationships and the Customer Experience  9. Financial Services Customer Relationships: Meanings, motivations and manifestations  10. Trust and Trustworthiness in Retail Financial Services: An analytical framework and empirical evidence  11. Should I Stay or Should I Go? The case of loyalty in the UK retail banking industry  12. Financial Services Quality: People, processes and performance  Part 4: Developing and Managing the Financial Services Offering  13. Financial Services and Innovation: A customer-centric approach  14. A Brave New World: Branding in financial services  15. The Many Deaths of a Financial Services Offering  Part 5: Financial Services Pricing Strategies  16. Consumer Perceptions of Financial Services Prices  17. Price Management in Financial Services  18. Price Bundling: A smart pricing strategy for banking  Part 6: Communicating and Promoting Financial Services  19. The Neglected Art (and science) of Financial Services Advertising  20. An AMO Model for Communicating and Promoting Financial Services  Part 7: Distribution and Delivery of Financial Services  21. The Role of Technology in Financial Services Distribution and Delivery  22. Mobile Banking, a Business Models Approach  23. E-Servicescapes in Online Banking: Towards an integrated conceptual model of the stimuli contributing to the online banking experience  Part 8: Corporate Financial Services Marketing  24. Relationships and the Business-to-Business Marketing of Financial Services  25. Competition and Cooperation in Partnership Arrangements in Financial Services  Part 9: Alternative Banking Models  26. Islamic Banking  27. Islamic Perspectives on Risk and Insurance Marketing  28. Microfinance - Supporting Micro and Small Enterprises  Part 10: Marketing Malpractice and Financial Fiascos  29. The Scale and Scope of Financial Mis-selling  30. A Framework for Understanding and Restoring Trust in Universal Banks  31. Nine 'Tricks' in Financial Services Marketing  Part 11: Moral and Ethical Issues in Financial Marketing  32. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Banking: What we know, what we don't know, and what we should know  33. Marketing Challenges and Strategies for Socially Responsible Investment Initiatives  34. The Ethics of the Selling Process in Financial Services  35. Reaching out to Socially Disadvantaged Groups: Financial services and the poor  36. Financial Exclusion