This edited collection includes contributions by Mary Parker Follett, Henri Fayol, James D. Mooney and Henry S. Dennison, and L. J. Henderson, T. N. Whitehead and Elton Mayo. The paper by Henderson, Whitehead and Mayo discusses the findings of the Hawthorne experiments. Whilst admiring the pioneering work of Taylor, these authors criticize scientific management on the grounds that it does not study the facts of human organization. The Hawthorne experiments revealed the importance of spontaneous social organization of the work group into a micro-social system.

I. Notes on the Theory of Organization
Luther Gulick
II. Organization as a Technical Problem
L. Urwick
III. The Principles of Organization
James D. Mooney
IV. The Administrative Theory in the State
Henri Fayol
V. The Function of Administration, with special reference to the work of Henri Fayol
L. Urwick
VI. The Need for the Development of Political Science Engineering
Henry S. Dennison
VII. The Effects of Social Environment
L. J. Henderson, T. N. Whitehead and Elton Mayo
VIII. The Process of Control
Mary Parker Follett
IX. The Pros and Cons of Functionization
John Lee
X. Relationship in Organization
V. A. Graicunas
XI. Science, Values and Public Administration
Luther Gulick