"Voices of the Country" presents interviews with innovative musicians, producers, and songwriters who shaped the last fifty years of country music. From Eddy Arnold's new, smoother approach to song delivery to Loretta Lynn's take-no-prisoners feminism, these people opened new vistas in country music - and American culture. Streissguth is a sensitive and knowledgeable interviewer: he gets beyond the standard publicity tales to the heart of the real voice - and real experiences - of these important figures.

chapter |5 pages


chapter |25 pages

Seems Like a Dream

chapter |11 pages

The Best I Could Do

chapter |11 pages


chapter |15 pages

Little Country Girl

chapter |12 pages

Voice of the Country

chapter |15 pages

Yesterday's Gone

chapter |14 pages


chapter |17 pages

Woman Enough

chapter |15 pages

Dreams Will Come True

chapter |25 pages