Get the foundational knowledge about health sciences librarianship.

The general term “health sciences libraries” covers a wide range of areas beyond medical libraries, such as biomedical, nursing, allied health, pharmacy, and others. Introduction to Health Sciences Librarianship provides a sound foundation to all aspects of these types of libraries to students and librarians new to the field. This helpful guide provides a helpful overview of the health care environment, technical services, public services, management issues, academic health sciences, hospital libraries, health informatics, evidence-based practice, and more. This text provides crucial information every beginning and practicing health sciences librarian needs—all in one volume.

Introduction to Health Sciences Librarianship presents some of the most respected librarians and educators in the field, each discussing important aspects of librarianship, including technical services, public services, administration, special services, and special collections. This comprehensive volume provides all types of librarians with helpful general, practical, and theoretical knowledge about this profession. The book’s unique "A Day in the Life of . . . " feature describes typical days of health sciences librarians working in special areas such as reference or consumer health, and offers anyone new to the field a revealing look at what a regular workday is like. The text is packed with useful figures, screen captures, tables, and references.

Topics discussed in Introduction to Health Sciences Librarianship include:

  • overview of health sciences libraries
  • health environment
  • collection development of journals, books, and electronic resources
  • organization of health information
  • access services
  • information services and information retrieval
  • information literacy
  • health informatics
  • management of academic health sciences libraries
  • management and issues in hospital libraries
  • library space planning
  • specialized services
Introduction to Health Sciences Librarianship provides essential information for health sciences librarians, medical librarians, beginning and intermediate level health sciences/medical librarians, and any health sciences librarian wishing to review the field. This crucial volume belongs in every academic health sciences library, hospital library, specialized health library, biomedical library, and academic library.

    part |1 pages


    chapter 1|28 pages

    Overview of Health Sciences Libraries and Librarianship

    ByMary Moore

    chapter 2|35 pages

    The Health Care Environment

    ByLogan Ludwig

    part |1 pages


    chapter 4|30 pages

    Monographic and Digital Resource Collection Development

    ByEsther Carrigan Mori Lou Higa Rajia Tobia

    chapter 5|18 pages

    Organizing Resources for Information Access

    ByMaggie Wineburgh-Freed

    part |1 pages


    chapter 6|13 pages

    Access Issues

    ByElizabeth R. Lorbeer Cindy Scroggins

    chapter 7|18 pages

    Information Services in Health Sciences Libraries

    ByElizabeth H. Wood

    chapter 8|21 pages

    Information Retrieval in the Health Sciences

    ByElizabeth H. Wood

    chapter 9|16 pages

    Marketing, Public Relations, and Communication

    ByPatricia C. Higginbottom Lisa A. Ennis

    chapter 10|24 pages

    Information Literacy Education in Health Sciences Libraries

    ByStewart M. Brower

    chapter 11|29 pages

    Evidence-Based Practice

    ByJonathan D. Eldredge

    chapter 12|27 pages

    Health Informatics

    ByK. Ann McKibbon Ellen Gay Detlefsen

    part |1 pages


    chapter 13|40 pages

    Management in Academic Health Sciences Libraries

    ByFrancesca Allegri Martha Bedard

    chapter 14|27 pages

    Management of and Issues Specific to Hospital Libraries

    ByDixie A. Jones

    chapter 15|20 pages

    Library Space Planning

    ByElizabeth Connor

    part |1 pages


    chapter 16|16 pages

    Special Services Provided by Health Sciences Libraries

    ByBrenda L. Seago

    chapter 17|16 pages

    Health Sciences Librarianship in Rare Book and Special Collections

    ByStephen J. Greenberg Patricia E. Gallagher

    chapter 18|30 pages

    Consumer Health Information

    ByCatherine Arnott Smith