There is widespread recognition that the most powerful determinants of health today are to be found in social, economic and cultural circumstances. These include: ecnomic growth, income distribution, consumption, work oganisation, unemployment and job insecurity, social and family structure, education and deprivation, and they are all aspects of 'social organisation'. In ^Health and Social Organisation leading British and North American researchers who bring together an invaluable collection of data on these issues, draw from the social sciences, epidemiology and biology.

chapter 1|18 pages

The evolution of public health policy

An anglocentric view of the last fifty years

part |2 pages

Part I The policy problem

part |2 pages

Part II Environment and economic growth

chapter 5|23 pages

Social determinants of health

The sociobiological translation

chapter 6|15 pages

What’s been said and what’s been hid

Population health, global consumption and the role of national health data systems

part |2 pages

Part IV Work and the labour market

part |2 pages

Part V Policy integration

chapter 16|11 pages

Health and social capital