Eurasia offers a wide-ranging and original interpretation of territory, boundaries and borderlands in Europe, Asia and the Far East. This forms part of a unique series of books focussing on world boundaries which embrace the theory and practice of boundary delimitation and management, boundary disputes and conflict resolution, and territorial change in the new world order.

1. Boundaries and Conflict: International Relations in Ancient Regime Europe 2. The Inner-German Boundary: Consequences of its Establishment and Abolishment 3. The New Maps of Europe: Fresh or Old Perspectives 4. European Borderlands: International Harmony, Landscape Change and New Conflict 5. The Impact of River Control on an International Boundary: The Case of the Bangladesh - India Boundary 6. Peace and Conflict in the Thai - Malaysian Border region 7. the Hong Kong - China Border: Under Whose Management? 8. Hoppo Ryodo Mondai (Northern Territories Problem): A Territorial Issue Between Japan and Russia 9. Itu Aba Island and the Spratleys Conflict 10. Comparative Oil and Gas Joint Development Schemes