Techniques of Grief Therapy is an indispensable guidebook to the most inventive and inspirational interventions in grief and bereavement counseling and therapy. Individually, each technique emphasizes creativity and practicality. As a whole, they capture the richness of practices in the field and the innovative approaches that clinicians in diverse settings have developed, in some cases over decades, to effectively address the needs of the bereaved. New professionals and seasoned clinicians will find dozens of ideas that are ready to implement and are packed with useful features, including:

  • Careful discussion of the therapeutic relationship that provides a "container" for specific procedures
  • An intuitive, thematic organization that makes it easy to find the right technique for a particular situation
  • Detailed explanations of when to use (and when not to use) particular techniques
  • Expert guidance on implementing each technique and tips on avoiding common pitfalls
  • Sample worksheets and activities for use in session and as homework assignments
  • Illustrative case studies and transcripts
  • Recommended readings to learn more about theory, research and practice associated with each technique

part |2 pages

Part II Modulating Emotion

part |2 pages

Part III Working with the Body

chapter 14|3 pages

Analogical Listening

chapter 16|6 pages

Hands in the Sand

chapter 19|3 pages

Written on the Body

chapter 20|5 pages

The Body of Trust

part |2 pages

Part V Changing Behavior

part |2 pages

Part VII Encountering Resistance

part |2 pages

Part IX Rewriting Life Narratives

chapter 46|3 pages

Life Review

chapter 47|3 pages

Loss Timelines

chapter 48|3 pages

Virtual Dream Stories

chapter 50|3 pages

Documenting Children’s Life Stories

chapter 51|3 pages

The Story Mountain

part |2 pages

Part X Integrating the Arts

chapter 52|4 pages

Intermodal Expressive Arts

chapter 53|6 pages

Prescriptive Photomontage

chapter 54|4 pages

Playing with Playlists

chapter 55|5 pages

Figurative Sand Tray Therapy

chapter 56|3 pages

What’s in a Name?

chapter 57|3 pages

Secrets of the Heart

part |2 pages

Part XI Consolidating Memories

chapter 59|3 pages

Opening the Family Photo Album

chapter 60|3 pages

The Commemorative Flag

chapter 61|3 pages

En-Training Memoir Slices

chapter 62|3 pages

Memory Work with Children

chapter 63|4 pages

Memory Boxes

chapter 64|4 pages

Natural Reminders

part |2 pages

Part XII Renewing the Bond

chapter 65|3 pages

Introducing the Deceased

chapter 69|8 pages

Chair Work

chapter 70|3 pages

The Life Imprint

chapter 71|4 pages

Reaching through Sorrow to Legacy

chapter 72|6 pages

“Moments Held” Documentary

part |2 pages

Part XIII Revising Goals

part |2 pages

Part XIV Accessing Resources

chapter 77|3 pages

Poetry and Bibliotherapy

chapter 78|3 pages

Bibliotherapy with Children

part |2 pages

Part XV Grieving with Others

part |2 pages

Part XVI Ritualizing Transition

part |2 pages

Part XVII Healing the Healer

chapter 93|3 pages

Stand in These Shoes

chapter 94|3 pages

Degriefi ng Caregiver Burden