The Middle East is one of the fastest growing and significant markets in world sport, as well as a powerful source of investment in sport. Bids for the Olympics in 2020 and the soccer World Cup in 2022, as well as remarkable investments in Formula One motor racing, horse racing and English Premier League soccer clubs, demonstrate the strength of interest, the depth of resource and the technical expertise maintained by sport business interests in the region.

Sport Management in the Middle East is the first book to offer a serious and in-depth analysis of the business and management of sport in the region. Written by a team of world leading researchers in Middle Eastern sport, and illustrated in full colour throughout, the book examines the importance of sport in the Middle East and introduces its particular management processes, structures and cultures. As well as providing an overview of the region’s sporting strategy and key stakeholders, the book also offers a number of detailed case-studies of sport in individual Middle Eastern countries. A unique guide to sport management in a region of fundamental importance in world sport, this book is essential reading for any serious student or scholar of sport management, sport business, Middle East studies, or sport and society.

Foreword  Chapter 1: Developing Elite Sporting Talent in Qatar: The Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence Chapter 2: Bidding for Major International Sporting Events  Chapter 3: The Management and Retention of Sport Volunteers: Lessons for the Middle East  Chapter 4: Sport Marketing in the Modern Age: A Case Study of Etihad Airways’ Sponsorship of Manchester City Football Club  Chapter 5: Sports Law  Chapter 6: Sport Event Management in the Gulf: A focus on Strategy and Promotion  Chapter 7: Sport Science: A Roadmap for Talent Identification and Expertise Development  Chapter 8: The Management and Development of Association football in the Middle East: A Focus on AFC’s ‘Vision Asia’ document  Chapter 9: Sport and Women in the Middle East  Chapter 10: Developing Elite Sporting Talent in Qatar: The Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence