The iPhone represents an important moment in both the short history of mobile media and the long history of cultural technologies. Like the Walkman of the 1980s, it marks a juncture in which notions about identity, individualism, lifestyle and sociality require rearticulation. this book explores not only the iPhone’s particular characteristics, uses and "affects," but also how the "iPhone moment" functions as a barometer for broader patterns of change. In the iPhone moment, this study considers the convergent trajectories in the evolution of digital and mobile culture, and their implications for future scholarship. Through the lens of the iPhone—as a symbol, culture and a set of material practices around contemporary convergent mobile media—the essays collected here explore the most productive theoretical and methodological approaches for grasping media practice, consumer culture and networked communication in the twenty-first century.

1. Studying the Mobile: Locating the Field  Larissa Hjorth, Jean Burgess and Ingrid Richardson  Part I: iPhone as a Cultural Moment  2. The iPhone and Communication  Gerard Goggin  3. The iPhone Moment, the Apple Brand and the Creative Consumer: From "Hackability and Usability" to Cultural Generativity  Jean Burgess  4. Ambient Intimacy: A case study of the iPhone, Presence, and Location-based Social Networking in Shanghai, China  Larissa Hjorth, Rowan Wilken and Kay Gu  5. "In bed with the iPhone"—The iPhone and Hypersociality in Korea  Dong-Hoo Lee  Part II: iPhone as a Platform and Phenomenon  6. iPhone Photography: Mediating Visions of Social Space  Daniel Palmer  7. Between image and information: the iPhone camera in the history of photography  Chris Chesher  8. A Logic of Layers: Indexicality of iPhone Navigation in Augmented Reality  Nanna Verhoeff  9. Touching the Screen: A Phenomenology of Mobile Gaming and the iPhone  Ingrid Richardson  Part III: iPhone and Labor  10. The iPhone as an Innovation Platform: Reimagining the Videogames Developer  John Banks  11. Network labor: Beyond the shadow of Foxconn  Jack Linchuan Qiu  12. iPersonal: A Case Study of the Politics of the Personal  Larissa Hjorth  13. Four ways of listening with an iPhone: From sound and network listening, to biometric data and geolocative tracking  Kate Crawford  14. How a University Domesticated the iPhone  Ilpo Koskinen