This book presents an inter-disciplinary investigation into contemporary migration and social inclusion through an examination of migrant and refugee experience.

In this edited volume, contributors discuss new understandings of individual and community security in a world where legal borders and definitions of citizenship no longer adequately capture the reality of migration. Distinguished contributors approach questions of social belonging and inclusion from diverse perspectives. Drawing its primary examples from Australia, Migration and Insecurity is framed by the wider experience of the Global North, with examples from Europe, the United Kingdom and United States woven throughout the collection. An inter-disciplinary approach to migration studies, this book integrates local, national and transnational spaces in its discussion of new constructs of inclusion and security. It considers questions of historical memory, ontological security, transnational communities, the role of civic institutions and social relationships in local spaces to guide the reader towards the wider conceptual questions of migration studies using expertise from the fields of sociology, gender, historical and political studies

Migration and Insecurity will be of interest to students and scholars of transnationalism, migration politics and international relations.

1. Introduction Niklaus Steiner, Robert Mason and Anna Hayes  2. Securing Twenty-First Century Societies  Part 1: Receiving Strangeness  3. Human Security in a World of Globalised and Mobile Souls Paul James  4. Remembering Refugees Klaus Neumann  5. Living with Strangers Kay Ferres  Part 2: Negotiating Integration  6. Unsettling Resettlement: Seeking Security in Everyday Life Sandy Gifford  7. Community and Different: Refugee Integration in Australia Susanne Schech  8. Transnational Practices, Active Citizenship and Muslim Migrant Integration in the West Fethi Mansouri  Part 3: Securing Long-Term Belonging  9. Making Sense of (Personal) History by Experiencing the Presence Peter Herrmann  10. Equal Valued Status: Belonging, Identity and Place Hurriyet Babacan  11. Citizens of No-Where: Refugees, Integration Criteria and Social Inclusion Eileen Pittaway  12. Citizenship, Identity and Marginalization Niklaus Steiner