Training and education constitutes the backbone of a significant amount of police activity and expenditure in developing the most important resources involved in policing work. It also involves an array of actors and agencies, such as educational institutions which have a long and important relationship with police organizations.

This book examines the role of education and training in the development of police in the contemporary world. Bringing together specialist scholars and practitioners from around the world, the book examines training methods in the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, China, France, Hungary , India, the Netherlands, St Lucia and Sweden.

The book throws light on important aspects of public service policing, and new areas of public and private provision, through the lens of training and development. It will be of interest to policing scholars and those involved in professional and organizational development worldwide.

1. Introduction, 2. An overview of police training in the United States; historical development, current trends and critical issues: the evidence, 3. Police training and education and university collaboration in Australia,  4. Challenges and dilemmas facing university based police education and training in Britain,  5. Perspectives of police training and education: the Canadian experience, 6. Developing occupational competency profiles: the Netherlands experience, 7. Police training reform in India: bringing knowledge-based learning to the Indian police service,  8. Firearms and self-defence training in Sweden,  9. Police use of force issues in Canada,  10. How violence comes to French police: the role of violence in the socialisation and training of the French police,  11. Police training and education in Hugary, 12. A review of police education and training in China,  13. Transforming St. Lucian policing through recruit training in a context of high crime,14. Getting back to Peel: PSCO training in England and Wales,  15. New perspectives on police training and education: lessons from the private sector, 16. Police training in America: changes in the new millennium,  17. Conclusion.