What are men doing in feminist discourse? Although many feminists have commented on the relation, actual or possible, of men to feminist thinking and practice, and although some male academics have written about feminism, there has so far been little shared discussion. Men in Feminism is the first substantial attempt to produce a dialogue between feminists and their male allies.

This lively book, comprised of essays by both men and women, is a controversial sally in the current debate over the future of feminist theory. Its focus is one seemingly direct and yet surprisingly prickly question: the actual and potential relationship of men to the now impressive and widely recognized body of feminist writing. Each essay attempts to assess the benefits or damage of male participation in feminism; several of the contributions stand in direct dialogue with others. The editors present, mediate and reflect upon the agreements and arguments in the book, as well as between themselves as editors. Their dialogue-afterword draws together the questions at the heart of the volume.

Offering few comfortable answers, Men in Feminism will open up discussion of this theoretical and thoroughly political issue.

chapter 1|32 pages

Male Feminism

chapter 4|7 pages

Demonstrating Sexual Difference

chapter 7|7 pages

A Man’s Place

chapter 8|7 pages


chapter 9|8 pages

No Question of Silence

chapter 10|5 pages

A Double Life (Femmeninism II)

chapter 14|3 pages


chapter 15|1 pages

Elaine Showalter Replies

chapter 18|9 pages

in any event . . .

chapter 19|7 pages

In, With

chapter 20|15 pages

Women in the Beehive: A Seminar With

chapter 21|15 pages

Reading Like a Man

chapter 22|14 pages

Outlaws: Gay Men in Feminism

chapter 24|22 pages

A Conversation