General Education has taken center stage in the greater China area (Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China) because of a number of important developments. First, globalization has created both opportunities and challenges for college students. When they graduate and enter the real world, they must have the cultural sensitivities and social skills, in addition to their professional training, to compete in a knowledge-based global economy. Equally significant for institutions of higher education, pressing global problems challenge traditional disciplines and demand new forms of learning that reshapes the boundaries of knowledge. In response to those rapidly changing dynamics, general education has taken an increasingly important role in undergraduate education. As the first English publication on the subject, this anthology brings together a distinguished group of General Education scholars and teachers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China.

1. General Education and Global Citizenship: A Comparative Study in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China  Part I: Concepts and Objectives Of General Education  2. Globalization and Higher Education in Greater China: Trends and Challenges  3. Liberal and Humanistic Education: General Education Program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong  4. The Implications of University Culture Development for General Education  5. From Liberal Education to General Education: Change and Continuity in the Philosophy of University Education  Part II: Curricular Designs for General Education  6. Meaning and Methods: The Role of General Education and Its Curriculum Designing  7. The Relationship between General Education and Whole-Person Education  8. Case Studies of Mainland China: General Education in Higher Education Institutions   9. Various Curricular Designs at UGC-Supported Universities in Hong Kong  Part III: Pedagogical Approaches to General Education  10. Science, the First Humanity (shifting his focus to liberal studies in general?)  11. How to Teach Science as General Education Courses with An Emphasis on Chinese Medicine  12. General Education Mathematics at the University Level: Courses and Pedagogical Approaches  13. How to Train Faculty to Teach General Education Curricula  Part IV: Outcome Assessment for General Education  14. A Personal View of the Evaluation of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Higher Education  15. Current Situation and Improvement Strategies for General Education Assessment at Mainland Chinese Universities  16. Learning Outcomes of General Education Course with Service-Learning Component: A Case for Academic and Student Affairs Collaboration in Hong Kong