The Science of Rugby is the only book to examine the scientific principles underpinning the preparation of rugby players for high performance. Drawing on the very latest scientific evidence, and covering both codes (union and league), the book explores every aspect of preparation and performance that introduces best practice by leading coaches and sports science professionals from around the rugby world.

The book covers key topics such as:

    • Physical preparation and conditioning
    • Strength and power training
    • Monitoring match and training demands
    • Match-day strategies for enhancing physical and technical performance
    • Management of fatigue and recovery
    • Training and playing in the heat
    • Travel and jet lag
    • Injury epidemiology
    • Psychological preparation
    • Performance analysis
    • Biomechanics
    • Nutrition
    • Talent identification and youth development

    The book also incorporates several case-studies to demonstrate how scientific principles have been applied in practice. No other book bridges the gap between theory and applied practice in rugby, from grass roots to elite international standard, and therefore this is essential reading for any student, researcher, sport scientist, coach, physiotherapist or clinician with an interest in the game.

    chapter 1|18 pages

    Physical Preparation for Rugby

    chapter 8|22 pages

    Nutrition for Rugby

    chapter 9|17 pages

    Rugby and the Environment

    chapter 13|18 pages

    Biomechanics of Rugby