This book analyses the multinational enterprise using the example of the world motor industry. It begins by examining the multinational enterprise in general, considering its nature, the economic theory of its behaviour and is effects on the nation state. It goes on to explore the growth and development of the multinational motor industry, and then surveys the state of the motor industry, and the role of multinationals in it, in various types of economy, using case studies from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil and India.

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chapter |1 pages


chapter |1 pages

The Multinational Motor Industry

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List of Tables

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part |2 pages

Part One: Economics and the Multinational Enterprise

part |2 pages

Part Two: Growth and Development

chapter 4|6 pages

The Beginnings

chapter 5|20 pages

The Interwar Period

chapter 6|5 pages

War and the Multinational Enterprise

chapter 7|39 pages

The Great Postwar Boom 1946-1973

chapter 8|32 pages

Recession and Recovery

chapter 11|10 pages

The Survivors

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Part Three: Motor Industry Case Studies

chapter 12|21 pages

Conditions of Production

chapter 13|25 pages

Mature Developed Countries

chapter 14|10 pages

Rich Developing Countries

ByCanada 245 Australia 251

chapter 15|15 pages

Poor Developing Countries

ByBrazil 255 India 264