The relationship between media and the organizations they cover has changed dramatically in the last few decades, which have witnessed a huge expansion of news coverage focusing on different types of organizations and their activities. In parallel, organizations have dramatically increased their investment in public relations and other media-oriented forms of communication. Like other societal developments – globalization, marketization, individualization, scientification – mediatization has become an institutional force.

This book analyses the mediatization of contemporary organizations and how individual organizations, industry or markets are scrutinized. It examines its key influence on the actions of organizations, and how it shaptes the entire landscape in which the organizations operate. What such a perspective provides is the accentuation of the interplay between organizations and different parts of the society as embedded in the media and its logic.

This will be essential reading for professionals, academics and advanced students in organizational studies, public relations and media studies.

Chapter 1. Media and Organizations – Images, Practices and Organizing  Chapter 2. The role of Business Media in Constructing Rational Myths of Organization  Chpater 3. The Institutionality of a Mediatized Organizational Environment  Chapter 4. Corruption and the Media: Infotainment, Moralization, Dramatization, and Conversationalization  Chapter 5. Fleeting Fleet-Street: The Ephemeral Nature of Institutional Media Effects  Chapter 6. The Foundations of a Theory Explaining Organizational News: The VT4 Framework of Organizational News Content and Five Levels of Influence on its Production  Chapter 7. We Have Never Been Pure. Negotiations Between Journalism and Business in Newspaper Organizations  Chapter 8. How the Business Press Stabilizes and Destabilizes Notions of Audit Failure: The Case of Intrum Justitia  Chapter 9. The Codification of Everything   Chapter 10. Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Framing Public Organizations in the News  Chapter 11. Mediatization in New Areas: The Changed Role of Public Bureaucracies  Chapter 12. Semi-Autonomous Organizations’ Communication Challenges in a Mediatized Society: A Case Study of the Swedish Development Cooperation Agency  Chapter 13. Framing Impressions in Corporate Communication: The Mediatization of Corporate Messages  Chapter 14. The Mediatization of Campaign Organizations  Chapter 15. Corporate Governance and Communication  Chapter 16. Media Enactments: Where to Look for Inspiration in Mediatization Studies