Does Chinese food taste the same in different parts of the world? What has happened to the Chinese diet in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau? What has affected the foodways of Chinese communities in other Asian countries with large Chinese diasporic communities? What has made Chinese food popular in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan? What has brought about the adoption and adaptation of western food and changes in Chinese diets in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Peking?

By considering the practice of globalization, this volume of essays by well-known anthropologists from many locales in Asia, describes changes, variations and innovations to Chinese food in many parts of the world, paying particular attention to questions related to how foods are introduced, maintained, localised and reinvented according to changing lifestyles and social tastes.

The book reviews and broadens classic social science theories about ethnic and social identity formation through the examination of Chinese food and eating habits in many locations. It reveals surprising changes and provides a powerful testimony to the impact of late twentieth-century globalization.

Acknowledgements  Foreword: Food for Thought  Introduction: The Globalization of Chinese Food and Cuisine: Makers and Breakers of Cultural Barriers  Part 1: Sources of the Globe  1. Food Culture and Overseas Trade: The Trepang Trade between China and Southeast Asia during the Qing Dynasty  2. Sacred Food from the Ancestors: Edible Bird Nest Harvesting among the Idahan  3. Improvising Chinese Cuisine Overseas  Part 2. Chinese Food and Food for Chinese  4. The Development of Ethnic Cuisine in Beijing: On the Xinjiang Road  5. Cantonese Cuisine in Taiwan and Taiwanese Cuisine in Hong Kong  6. Food and Cuisine in a Changing Society: Hong Kong  7. Food Consumption, Food Perception and the Search for a Macanese Identity  Part 3. Globalization: Cuisine, Lifeways and Social Tastes  8. Heunggongyan Forever: Immigrant Life and Hong Kong Style Yumcha in Australia   9. Chinese Dietary Culture in Indonesian Urban Society  10. The Invention of Delicacy: Cantonese Food in Yokohama Chinatown  11. Chinese Food in the Philippines: Indigenization and Transformation  Index