This volume is available on its own or as part of the seven volume set, Greek Literature. This collection reprints in facsimile the most influential scholarship published in this field during the twentieth century. For a complete list of the volume titles in this set, see the listing for Greek Literature [ISBN 0-8153-3681-0].

part Section A|215 pages

Questions of Uniqueness

chapter |40 pages

Have We Homer’s Iliad?

Edited ByGregory Nagy

chapter |15 pages

The Epic Cycle and the Uniqueness of Homer

Edited ByGregory Nagy

chapter |23 pages

The Non-Homeric Cypria*

Edited ByJonathan S. Burgess

chapter |2 pages

A Ram Called Patroklos

ByAlan Griffiths

chapter |1 pages

Patroklos The Ram (Again)

ByAlan Griffiths

chapter |10 pages

Kynaithos, Polycrates, and the Homeric Hymn to Apollo

ByWalter Burkert

chapter |30 pages

Individual Poet And Epic Tradition: Homer As Legendary Singer

ByJohn Miles Foley

chapter |19 pages

Telemachus and the Last Hero Song

ByRichard P. Martin

part Section B|117 pages

Poetics of Virtuosity

chapter |18 pages

Agamemnon’s SkĒptron in the Iliad

ByP.E. Easterling

chapter |18 pages

The Wrath of Helen: Self-Blame and Nemesis in the Iliad

ByMary Ebbott

chapter |27 pages

AithÔn, Aithon, and Odysseus

ByOlga Levaniouk

chapter |13 pages

Who is μακάρτατoς in the Odyssey?

ByStamatia Dova

chapter |17 pages

American Journal of Philology: Gender and Internal Audiences in the Odyssey

ByLillian Eileen Doberty

chapter |19 pages

Homeric OytoΣ and the Poetics of Deixis

ByEgbert J. Bakker

part Section C|29 pages

Hesiodic Connections

chapter |15 pages

Poetry and Sailing in Hesiod’s Works and Days

ByRalph M. Rosen

chapter |12 pages

Satiric Elements in Hesiod’s Works and Days

ByRussell Hunt