Get a comprehensive research-based look at real life hospitality industry issues from leaders in the field

Global Cases on Hospitality Industry is a comprehensive examination into hospitality issues around the world. This detailed look at the industry’s dynamics uses an international perspective that provides reader understanding by spanning several strategic and functional areas in management practices. Leading academics, trainers, and consultants from around the globe offer research-based perspectives on real life issues in this competitive industry. This important text extensively explores various aspects of the industry from both Asian and Western countries, providing important insights into policymaking, research, consulting, and teaching.

Global Cases on Hospitality Industry presents extensively-researched illustrative case studies and accounts of revealing management practices from experts around the world. This book explains both the positive and negative impact of certain real life policy and management decisions in various aspects of the industry. This text discusses topics such as marketing, human resources, strategy, entrepreneurship, the use of technology, and ethics, using inside looks into different hospitality and travel and tourism companies. The book includes numerous figures and tables to clearly illustrate research data.

Topics in Global Cases on Hospitality Industry include:

  • consumer marketing research
  • price promotions
  • consumer behaviors
  • bed and breakfast expectation analysis
  • assessment of service quality
  • company organizational structure
  • labor productivity
  • human resource issues
  • franchise restaurants impact around the world
  • tour operator strategies
  • similarity of problems between the hospitality and tourism industries
  • heritage tourism
  • societal effects of tourism development
  • ethical challenges
  • and much more!
Global Cases on Hospitality Industry is essential reading for hospitality management educators, students, trainers, and researchers in services management.

    chapter 26|22 pages

    Work Values of Chinese Food-service Managers