A collection of caregiving tools combining the values of Jewish tradition and self-relations—useful for practitioners of ANY faith!

Self-relations, a powerful framework for doing respectful and humane caregiving for oneself and for others is here brought into relationship with Jewish thought.

Jewish Relational Care A-Z: We Are Our Other’s Keeper is an extensive resource for caregiving tools and approaches. Using Jewish tradition and Self-Relations as take-off points, experts from many fields provide insightful perspectives and effective strategies for caregiving.

In the language of self-relations each of us is not referred to as a Self. Instead, each of us is more accurately described as a relationship between “selves”—relationship is the basic psychological and religious unit! Jewish Relational Care A-Z: We Are Our Other’s Keeper sensitively centers on relationships and the healing process, using the understanding that to spark healing in others, a loving, respectful relationship must first be present between every aspect of our “selves.” Thirty-six categories of caregiving are comprehensively presented, allowing its use as a helpful resource for any clergy considering any of the included topics. Each author’s personal reflections, and personal experiences using care tools clearly illustrate how love-respect relationships within oneself can transcend into effective care for others.

Jewish Relational Care A-Z: We Are Our Other’s Keeper provides helpful tools and explores:

  • the use of language as a relational care tool
  • time management for optimum performance for oneself and for others
  • compassion fatigue, the need for self-care, and nurturing your own spiritual and psychological development
  • purposeful visiting as a sacred task
  • silence as an important part of spiritual care
  • the profound difference made in lives through relational listening
  • music as sacred power—a communion between humans and the Divine
  • chanting as an intimate expression of the soul
  • creative ritual in relational healing
  • spontaneous prayer, and its place in relational care
  • relational care with other faiths inside and outside of the community
  • care for those going through divorce
  • care when a pregnancy is unwelcome
  • relational care for sexual orientation and gender identity issues
  • successful caring for those who don’t care about you
  • dealing with traumatic loss
  • care for those who have sinned sexually
  • fragile relationships
  • care with the healthy aging
  • relational care and retired clergy
  • care for those traumatized by sexual abuse
  • care for the cognitively impaired, mentally ill, and developmentally disabled
  • care for the final moments of life
  • care for the sick and dying
  • care within the grieving process
Jewish Relational Care A-Z: We Are Our Other’s Keeper is practical, insightful reading for clergy and caregivers of all denominations, educators, students, and lay people who care about clergy and their work.

chapter |4 pages

A Guide for the Reader

part |2 pages


chapter 1|10 pages

Premises of Jewish Relational Care

chapter 4|14 pages

Managing Compassion Fatigue

chapter 7|4 pages

The Muse of Silence

chapter 8|4 pages

The Muse of Relational Listening

chapter 9|6 pages

The Muse of Music and Song

chapter 10|6 pages

The Muse of Chanting

chapter 14|6 pages

Caring for Non-Jews Outside Our Community

chapter 17|16 pages

When a Pregnancy Is Unwelcome

chapter 20|12 pages

Blessing Those We Have Trouble Blessing

chapter 25|18 pages

Jewish Relational Care and Retired Clergy

chapter 27|14 pages

When the Rabbi Needs Care

chapter 30|8 pages

Caring for the Mentally Ill

chapter 32|6 pages

Relating to the Sick and Dying

chapter 34|12 pages

Jewish Relational Care with the Grieving