How do experiences of hope and despair impact upon our capacity to meet life's challenges in narrative and family therapy?

Clients' experiences of hope and despair can be complex, reflecting individual and family histories, current patterns and dynamics, the stresses of everyday life, and the social contexts of families' lives. This book analyses how therapists meet and engage with these dichotomous aspects of human experience.

The editors place the themes of hope and despair at the centre of a series of reflections on practice and theory. Contributors from all over the world are brought together, incorporating a range of perspectives from narrative, systemic and social constructionist frameworks. The book is divided into three sections, covering:

  • reflections on hope and despair
  • facing adversity: practices of hope
  • reflections on reconciliation and forgiveness.

Hope and Despair in Narrative and Family Therapy looks at the importance of hope in bringing about positive therapeutic change. This book will be of great use to family therapists, psychotherapists, counsellors, and students on therapeutic training courses.

Hoffman, Foreword.  Flaskas, McCarthy, Sheehan, Introduction: The Territory of Hope and Despair. Part I: Reflections on Hope and Despair.  Weingarten, Hope in a Time of Global Despair. Flaskas, The Balance of Hope and Hopelessness. Byrne, McCarthy, The Dialectical Structure of Hope and Despair: A Fifth Province Approach.  Part II: Facing Adversity: Practices of Hope. McGoldrick, Moore Hines, Hope: The Far Side of Despair. Wade, Despair, Resistance, Hope: Response-based Therapy with Victims of Violence. Ingram, Perlesz, The Getting and Giving of Wisdoms: Generating Hope.  Shuda, Finding a Way Towards Being.   Madigan, Anticipating Hope within Written and Naming Domains of Despair.  Coulter, Healy, Reilly, Hope in the Process: Conducting Systemically-oriented Trauma Work Within the Context of the Peace Process in Northern Ireland. Part III: Reflections on Reconciliation and Forgiveness. James, The Interactional Process of Forgiveness and Responsibility: A Critical Assessment of the Family Therapy Literature. Tomm, Govier, Acknowledgement: Its Significance for Reconciliation and Wellbeing. Jones, Moving On: Forgiveness, Vengeance and Reconciliation. Sheehan, Forgiveness and the Unforgivable: The Resurrection of Hope in Family Therapy.