The contributors to this book are leaders, consultants or managers in organizations who provide narrative accounts of their actual work and daily experience. They explore how the perspective of complex responsive processes assists them to make sense of their experience and so to develop their practice.

Offering a different method of making sense of an individual’s experience in a rapidly changing world, this book uses reflective accounts of ordinary everyday life in organizations rather than idealized accounts. The editors’ commentary introduces and contextualizes these experiences as well as drawing out key themes for further research.

 1. Introduction: Leading in a Complex World 2. Leadership and the Role of Conflict in Processes of Mutual Recognition  3. Leadership, Power and Problems of Relating in Processes of Organizational Change 4. The Role of Leader and the Paradox of Detached Involvement 5. Values, Spirituality and Organizations  6. Leadership and Cult Values  7. Executive Coaching and Leading 8. Leadership, Learning and Skill Development