Issues such as the patentability of scientific ideas, the market for organs and open source software are hotly debated and yet poorly understood. In particular, there is a great need for sound economic theorizing on such issues.

There is also a need for a clear and concise exposition of the state-of-the-art of the economics of property rights. This book fulfils these various needs.

Chapter 1 Property Rights Dynamics, Donatella Porrini, Giovanni B. Ramello; Part 1 Property rights and law and economics theory; Chapter 2 The fall and rise of functional property, Francesco Parisi; Chapter 3 Property rights, Ugo Mattei, Andrea Pradi; Chapter 4 Entropy and the asymmetric Coase theorem, Francesco Parisi; Chapter 5 On incomplete property, Antonio Nicita; Part 2 An old bottle for new wines?; Chapter 6 Intellectual property and the efficient allocation of social surplus from innovations, Michele Boldrin, David K. Levine; Chapter 7 The uninvited guest, Robert P. Merges; Chapter 8 Property rights in human tissue, Julia D. Mahoney, Pamela Clark; Part 3 Shadows and lights; Chapter 9 The ongoing copyright as an essential facility saga, Paul L.C. Torremans; Chapter 10 The treatment of marital assets, Antony W. Dnes; Chapter 11 Intellectual property rights and judge-made law, Sophie Harnay, Alain Marciano; Chapter 12 Failing property rights – the problem of sleeping owners in the city, Jürgen G. Backhaus;