Doing Better is intended to help therapists and counselors to explore more fully and systematically the processes of self-improvement in their work and lives.

When Therapists Supervise Themselves
Jeffrey A. Kottler

The Natural and Unnatural Evolution of Therapist Development
Jeffrey A. Kottler and W. Paul Jones

Critical Self-Monitoring
David Shepard and Gloria Morrow

A Syllabus for Self-Supervision
W. Paul Jones and Robert L. Harbach

Confronting Adversity
Dana L. Comstock and Thelma H. Duffy

Hasta La Vista Baby-I'm Outta Here:Dealing With Boredom
Sherill Wiseman and Carol Scott

Recognizing Ethnic/Racial Biases and Discriminatory Practices Through Self-Supervision
Jesse Brinson and Jose M. Cervantes

Self Supervision in Youth Counseling
David Leary

Technoconsultation:Getting Help in Far-Flung Places
John A. Casey and W. Paul Jones

There is no "I" in Self:A Discursive Approach to Self-Supervision
Stacey L. Sinclair and Gerald Monk

From Self-Regulation to Self-Supervision:Lessons from Sport Psychology to the Practice of Therapy
David D. Chen and Matt Englar Carlson

Self-Supervision in Medical Settings
Laurie Carty and W. Paul Jones

Licensing Boards and Continuing Professional Growth:Friend or Foe?
Shirley Emerson and W. Paul Jones

Therapist:Heal Thyself!
Maryam Sayyedi and Kathy O' Byrne

Blind Spots and Ruts in the Road:The Limits of Self-Supervision
Leah Brew and Mike Altekruse

Final Thoughts
Jeffrey Kottler and W. Paul Jones