This book describes current advances and future directions in the theory and application of intelligent agents and multi-agent systems in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector. It is the product of an international effort involving a network of construction IT and computing researchers, investigating different aspects of agent theory and applications.

The contributed chapters cover different perspectives and application areas, and represent significant efforts to harness emerging technologies such as intelligent agents and multi-agent systems for improved business processes in the AEC sector. The first four chapters cover the theoretical foundations of agent technology whilst the remaining chapters deal with the application of agent-based systems in solving problems in the construction domain.

1. Introduction  2. Intelligent Agents: Fundamentals  3. Multi-Agents in Construction: An Overview  4. Negotiation Theories  5. Agent-Support for Collaborative Design  6. Mascot: A Multi-Agent System for Construction Claims Negotiation  7. Specification and Procurement of Construction Products Using Agents  8. Agent-Based Virtual Marketplace for AEC-Bidding  9. Agent-Based Information Search and Retrieval  10. Agents for Standards Processing  11. Multi-Agent-Based Procurement in the Construction Material Supply Chain  12. Concluding Notes