This informative collection investigates the European dimension of multiculturalism and immigration. It argues that political theory discourse of multiculturalism and resulting EU policies assume an interpretation of liberalism developed chiefly from the American experience, and that this issue must be addressed as the European experience is entirely different (with the main influx being non-white, ethnic and religious groups challenging liberalism and existing notions of citizenship).

Presenting a fresh and unique perspective of multiculturalism and citizenship in Western Europe today, this book offers a comparative series of national case studies by a diverse range of leading scholars that together provide a theoretical framework for the volume as a whole. The contributors investigate the extent to which we can talk about a common Europe-wide multiculturalism debate, or whether here too there is a Europe of two (or more) gears, in which some countries address multicultural claims swiftly whilst others lag behind, busy with more basic issues of immigrant acceptance and integration.

Comprehensive and interdisciplinary, this text is essential reading for advanced undergraduates, researchers and policy makers interested in immigration, multiculturalism, European integration, Islamic studies and ethnicities.

Chapter 1 European Challenges to Multicultural Citizenship, Anna Triandafyllidou, Tariq Modood, Ricard Zapata-Barrero; Chapter 2, Hassan Bousetta, Dirk Jacobs; Chapter 3, Tariq Modood; Chapter 4 French Secularism and Islam, Riva Kastoryano; Chapter 5 The Particular Universalism of a Nordic Civic Nation, Per Mouritsen; Chapter 6 Enemies Within the Gates, Werner Schiffauer; Chapter 7 Religious Diversity and Multiculturalism in Southern Europe, Anna Triandafyllidou; Chapter 8 The Muslim Community and Spanish Tradition, Ricard Zapata-Barrero; Chapter 9, Tariq Modood, Riva Kastoryano; Chapter 10 Europe, Liberalism and The ‘Muslim Question’, Bhikhu Parekh;