Critical Management Perspectives on Information Systems provides a coherent set of reference points to show students and researchers the organizational issues of information systems in theory, method and practice. Combining fresh and insightful contributions from lead researchers in the field, the book illustrates the diversity of approaches to critical research, presents practical examples and demonstrates the lessons learnt from applying a critical approach.

Exploring the management and organizational issues of information systems from a range of critical theory viewpoints, Critical Management Perspectives on Information Systems sets out the key theoretical underpinnings of different critical approaches and considers the issues associated with designing critical methodologies for systems design and study.

The book is suitable for final year undergraduate, research and postgraduate courses in information systems, management and organizational studies.

Part I In Search of Critical IS Research; Chapter 1 The Punch and Judy of Critical IS Research, Carole Brooke; Chapter 2 Critical Research and Ethics, Bernd Carsten Stahl; Chapter 3 Practically Critical: Making the Critical Approach More Useful, AndrewBasden; Part II Critical IS Empirical Studies; Chapter 4 Participatory and Emancipatory Information Systems Development Principles, Practices and Pitfalls, Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic, Janson Marius; Chapter 5 ERP Adoption – What Do They Say About It?, Dave Oliver, Celia Romm; Chapter 6 Distortions in the Media: A Critical Analysis of Learning Technology Macro Discourse, Wendy Cukier, Sara Rodrigues; Chapter 7 Semiotics and Information Technology Strategy, Laurie McAulay; Chapter 8 The Self-Ethnography as a ‘Critical’ Approach to Researching ICT Diffusion, Michael J. Chumer; Chapter 9 Information Systems and Power: A Foucauldian Perspective, Bill Doolin; Part III Review and Critique; Chapter 10 Enamouring, Provoking and Imagining, José-Rodrigo Córdoba, Carole Brooke; Chapter 11 Critical Social IS Research Today, Heinz Klein;