Handbook of Hospitality Human Resources Management is an authoritative resource comprising an edited collection of papers, which review and discuss this crucial aspect of hospitality, whilst illustrating how theories and concepts can be applied to the hospitality industry. Written by internationally recognized practitioners and academics, this book provides thorough reviews and discussions.

The depth and coverage of each topic is unprecedented. A must-read for hospitality researchers and educators, students and industry practitioners.

Human Resource Management Planning: Missions, Visions, Objectives and Strategies; Job Analysis: The Basis for all things HR; Getting it right the First Time: Using Job Competencies for Positive Hiring Outcomes in the Hospitality Industry; Organizational Culture in the Casual Dining Industry: The Impact that Culture has on Service Quality and Customers’ Intention to Return; Ethical Principles and Practices in Human Resources Management; Human Resource Management and a Service Culture; Employee Relations: A Problem Solving Approach; Human Resource Management Role in Ethics within the Hospitality Idustry; Organisational Communication in the Hospitality Industry; Employee Turnover: Calculation of Turnover Rates and Costs; The Role of Conflict Management in Human Resource Development in Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry; Work-Family Conflict and Facilitation: Implications for Hospitality Researchers; The Optimal Hospitality Leader: Creating a Thriving, Self-Motivating Leadership-Followership Organizational Network; The Path of Least Resistance? Choice and Constraint in HRM Strategy in the UK Hotel Sector; Employee Orientation and Mentoring Programs; Human Capital Development: A Return on Investment Perspective; Contributing to Employee Development through Training and Development; An HR Practitioner’s Point of View: Four Actions that HR Executives can take to get Their Services Used; Employee Management and Innovation; Development of a Sustainable Tourism Hospitality Human Resources Management Module: A Template for teaching Sustainability across the Curriculum; Strategic Human Resource Issues in Hospitality and Tourism.