This Third Edition of Men's Health provides a comprehensive and authoritative reference source to urologists, andrologists, family practitioners, and all professionals dealing with the male patient who diagnose and treat males with a variety of health problems, such as prostate cancer, male osteoporosis, and testicular cancer. The new edition been

I: MEN AND CANCER  1. Men and Cancer: Epidemiology  2. Ignorance and Uncertainty regarding Cancer and Cancer Genetics in Men   3. Prostate Cancer   4. Testicular Cancer   5. Bladder Cancer  6. Colorectal Cancer  7. Penile Cancer and Associated Dermatoses  8. Cutaneous Melanoma   II: CARDIOVASCULAR RISK REDUCTION IN MEN  9. Coronary Heart Disease in Men   10. Raised Blood Pressure: The Biggest Cause of Premature Death and Disability in Men?  11. Heart Failure  12. Lipids and Lipid-modifying Therapy  13. Erectile Dysfunction, Cardiovascular Risk, and the Primary Care Clinician   III: SEXUAL HEALTH AND MEN  14. Risk Factors in Men with Erectile Dysfunction  15. Evaluation and Ttreatment of Male Infertility  16. Effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy on the Prostate in the Aging Male  17. Novel Approaches to Male Contraception   18. Peyronie's Disease: History and Medical Therapy  19. Hypospadias: Uncovering a Common Problem   20. HIV Infection and AIDS  21. Sexually Transmitted Infections   22. Circumcision  23. Genital Piercing  IV: MEN AND CHRONIC CONDITIONS  24. Osteoporosis in Men  25. Overactive Bladder in Men  26. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia  27. Prostatitis and Chronic Pelvic Pain  28. Androgenetic Alopecia  29. Diabetes Mellitus: Focus on Type 2 Diabetes  V: MEN AND THE GASTRO-INTESTINAL SYSTEM  30. Esophagitis and Peptic Ulcer Disease  VI: MEN AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH  31. Men and Mental Health  32. Trauma in Male Health  33. Men and Suicide: Assessment and Management in a Primary Care Setting  34. Alcohol  VII: MEN AND THEIR LIFESTYLE  35. Exercise and Health &n